Health & Safety

Nurse-4318The health and safety of campers and staff are Gold Arrow Camp’s top priority. We provide counselor supervision, safety equipment, and training to help ensure campers have a safe experience at Gold Arrow Camp. Our staff and program encourages campers to gain independence, learn new skills, and gain confidence while maintaining the structure and supervision necessary for their safety. Gold Arrow Camp utilizes the resources and programs as outlined below to promote the health and safety of everyone in our camp community.

wellness-center-1567Two registered nurses live on-site and are always available to campers and staff for first aid, disbursement of medications, and general care as needed. As per the American Camp Association Standards, all medications are stored in and dispersed through the Wellness Center. For illnesses and medical emergencies requiring additional assistance, appropriate EMS procedures are followed. The closest hospital is located approximately 1 1/2 hour from camp, with emergency helicopter transportation available if needed for a faster transport time. A health history and medication card is completed for each camper by the parents prior to camp attendance. All medications and health histories are confidential.


Camper Supervision

Health&Safety-2422Our counselors are an integral part of providing excellent care to our campers. At least two counselors are assigned to each cabin of 8 to 10 children. The counselors sleep in the cabin with the campers and supervise the group throughout the day. All of our counselors attend a one-week orientation at the beginning of the summer, prior to camper arrival, to train in program areas, learn our emergency procedures, and understand health and safety precautions. Counselors remind and/or help campers with personal hygiene, including use of sunscreen, keeping hydrated, changing clothes daily, brushing teeth, and showering at least every other day. For bathroom visits during the night, campers awaken their counselor and are escorted to the bathroom.

Health&Safety-8270Gold Arrow Camp’s well-organized, structured program gives all campers the opportunity to participate in over 20 water, wilderness, and adventure activities. Safety equipment such as helmets, harnesses, and lifejackets are required for many of our activities. Campers and staff are required to follow safety guidelines in order to participate at each activity. Our staff are trained in their specific program area, and they provide campers with careful instruction and supervision. All counselors are certified in CPR, staff instructing waterfront activities are Lifeguard certified, and all backpacking instructors are Wilderness First Aid certified. Two-way radios are positioned throughout camp, including the camp Wellness Center and Office, for emergency communication.

Camp support staff provide assistance to our camp community by checking campers’ hands before each meal, inspecting cabins daily, and helping younger campers with personal hygiene.

Campers are required to shower at least every other day. Campers who desire to shower daily can do so during designated times (usually before breakfast, during rest hour, or immediately following evening activities). Younger campers (Bears & Tigers) are scheduled for specific shower times. Private showers with hot water are available throughout camp. Laundry service is provided once per session and is included in the camp tuition. Counselors and support staff are discrete when handling bathroom accidents in sleeping bags and clothing.

Health&Safety-1630All visitors must check in with the camp office upon entering camp. Staff is directed to stop visitors they do not recognize and escort them to the camp office immediately. Gold Arrow Camp’s access road is gated and locked during the night. A security guard makes rounds throughout the night. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Gold Arrow Camp.