Goals and Growth at Camp

In order to grow, you need to challenge yourself by setting goals, stepping out of your comfort zone, and accomplishing something new. At Gold Arrow Camp, that’s what our campers do. Our counselors are trained to help kids set and reach personal growth and activity-related goals. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment and achievement you get when you’ve reached a goal you’ve set for yourself, whether it be climbing to the top of the Rock Wall or, if you’re afraid of heights, even just reaching the half- way point. We love seeing kids reach the  goals they set for themselves!

See how some of these campers have grown at GAC:

Archery“One day my cabin had archery, which is my favorite activity.  My goal this year was to get five bullseyes.  I’ve done this before and wanted to achieve this again.  I was doing really good and then I got the arrow in the yellow.  It was one centimeter away from being a bullseye.  I was so excited to be getting the hang of it, but sad now because that was the only time I could sign up for archery in free time.  I think archery is super fun and cool because it shows that girls are strong as well as boys.   I sometimes practice at a range near my home, though the targets are farther away it’s good practice.  About a year ago, I got my own bow and five arrows.  They are different from the wooden bows here at camp, but they’re still so cool.” – Maia
“During sailing you learn how to steer, rig, de-rig, and capsize your boat.  To steer you must push or pull the tiller the opposite way you want to go.  This makes the rudder steer you the way you want to go.  To rig a boat, all you have to do is untie the sail and (with a buddy) pull on the rope which makes the sail float up on the mast.  Then, you have to tie the rope to the hook-thing.  To de-rig a boat, you have to untie the rope from the hook-thing and slowly lower the sail and tie it back up.  To capsize the boat, you must pull down the mast while a buddy is leaning that way.  Now that you’ve just capsized your boat, you and your buddy must grab the dagger board and pull it back up.  To do this, your right hand must be facing the front of the boat.  Then, you and your buddy must be facing the front of the boat.  Then, you and your buddy must pull it down (towards the water) and your boat should just pop up.  Now that you know how to sail, you can go sailing with a friend or your family anytime.  You can also teach them all the parts of the boat and (in general) how to sail!” – Georgina

Natural Rocks

“Wherever you are in GAC there will always be a beautiful sight to behold.  Most locations in camp provide a breathtaking view of Huntington Lake and it is nearly impossible to find a location without impressive trees and other forms of plant life.  The inescapable beauty of GAC provides a perfect environment for campers to learn and grow while performing exhilarating activities.  One of my favorite places in GAC is the natural rock climbing courses.  The rock courses are interesting rock formations to look at and climbing them is great exercise.  Well-trained counselors belay campers up the rock so it is completely safe, however, it is still a thrilling experience to be so far above the ground.  The rocks are a great way to test one’s climbing abilities and the sense of accomplishment and the view after climbing to the top are unparalleled rewards.  Rock climbing is an incredible experience and I strongly recommend it to all campers visiting GAC.” – Sammy
Sailing“On Monday, June 24th, our cabin went sailing.  Unfortunately, it was raining and freezing cold.  My partner, Annie, and I were in a boat together because we were trying to qualify for Willow (the sailing trip).  At first there was no wind at all, but then it started to pick up. Eventually, it was freezing cold, windy, and rainy.  Finally, it stopped raining and we capsized and had a great time.  I think that that sailing trip was Annie and I’s favorite because we kind of had an adventure together.  We named our boat Hall (short for Halyard), and that is now our favorite boat because it kind of “survived” the stormy adventure.” – Macy
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