Happy New Year! Happy New Theme! GAC 2015 Theme Revealed!

Give_A_HandGet ready to “Give a Hand” in 2015!

Our 2015 theme is giving. We’re so inspired by the importance of giving that we want to encourage our campers and staff to start giving NOW and not wait until summer!  You can check out the Give A Hand page here!

How can campers “Give a Hand” this year?

Here are some ways to give:

Time: Help others through giving service.

Talents: Share your talents.
• Make something you’re good at and give it away to someone who needs it (blankets/beanies/etc).
• Make something or do something you’re good at to raise money to give away (For example, run the Kids 4 Kids Race with GAC Runners in April and raise money for children’s cancer research!)
• Teach others how to do something you are good at.

Kind Words: Give a compliment or a nice note to a stranger or friend.

Friendship: Give attention and care to a friend.

Give away Your Stuff/Money: Give away or raise money for a worthy cause or give away your toys, clothing, or books that are still in good condition.

Watch out for our “Give a Hand” Challenge coming in two weeks here on the GAC Blog!

Get ready to “Give a Hand” in 2015!