GAC Recipe: S’moredillas!

When GAC campers arrive at their campsites on backpacking trips, they unload their packs and set up camp before changing into bathing suits for a dip in the fresh mountain lake. But first, all of the “group gear” is unpacked,GAC Campfire which includes camping stoves, pots, pans, and ingredients used to make the next few meals. Within a pile in one lucky camper’s backpack are ingredients for one of our favorite treats to make at camp – s’more quesadillas, also known as a S’MOREDILLAS!

Often on the minds of campers as they’re unloading the assorted chocolate chips, marshmallows and graham crackers is the delicious s’more they’ll be having. A s’moredilla is a delicious spin on a classic treat!

After a long hike, what could be better than warm, melted chocolate and marshmallows tucked between buttery, toasted flour tortillas, fried and dusted with cinnamon sugar? The answer is nothing! That’s why s’moredillas are one of our favorite treats to make at camp!

GAC Camp Director, Sunshine, and her son, Owen, a GAC camper,made a home version of this yummy treat and took pictures to create a step-by-step at-home recipe for s’moredillas. Now you can make them at home with your family!

smoredilla recipe graphic


First, lay a tortilla flat on a piece of tinfoil. Add whichever ingredients you choose! The combination of everything is what makes it really yummy! We often use crushed Oreos instead of crushed graham crackers, but any favorite cookie treat will do — or just the chocolate chips and marshmallows are yummy!


Next, fold the tortilla into three parts. You can also make a s’morrito – a s’more burrito, if that’s easier. Whatever shape, it’s all going to melt together to be gooey and delicious! s'moredilla

s'moredillas-04775After you’ve folded your s’moredilla (or s’morrito), cover it with the tinfoil to make sure the entire tortilla is covered! Once it’s complete covered, you can then put it on your stovetop, or in your campfire!


Keep your s’moredilla on the stove or fire for about two-three minutes and then flip. CAUTION: it’s going to be really hot, so make sure you use tongs or an oven mitt! Once you’ve cooked evenly on both sides, take off the fire. Let your s’moredilla sit for five minutes, or until it’s cooled. Eat and enjoy!


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