Favorite Outdoor Cooking Recipe: Banana Boats

Banana BoatOne of the best things about being outdoors is cooking over a campfire! Especially after a long hike, food cooked outside, over a fire, tastes especially yummy. At GAC, kids have the opportunity to learn outdoor cooking on our backpacking trips, and we also do outdoor cooking as a free time activity on some evenings. Banana Boats are one of our favorite outdoor cooking recipes!

Banana Boats

Chocolate Chips
Mini Marshmallows
Oven Mitts
Plastic cutlery (Forks & Knives)

• Slice open the banana, lengthwise, using the plastic knife.
• Place desired amount of chocolate chips and marshmallows evenly inside the banana.
• Wrap the banana in foil and place in hot coals in the campfire (use oven mitts).
• Check if chocolate is sufficiently melted after about five minutes.
• Enjoy your Banana Boat!


Looking for another yummy outdoor cooking recipe? Try S’moredillas, another camp favorite!

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