Each year, themed dances are a favorite activity for campers and staff alike. Costumes, props, or other items for dance and theme days can be packed along with the rest of the items found on the Gold Arrow Camp packing list. When planning for your dance costume, be creative! Most of the best costumes in the past have incorporated items that campers have found around their homes or borrowed from parents, relatives or friends.


Dance Themes for 2017:

Shaver Water Sports June:  Zoo-Topia
Session 1: Party in the USA!
Session 2: Enchantment Under the Sea
Session 3: Go Green 
Session 4: Under the Big Top
Shaver Water Sports August & Mini Camp: Halloween 


Last summer’s dance themes were a hit! Here are pictures from the 2016 dances:

Shaver Water Sports June:  Neon

Campers really lit up the dining porch at the neon dance.


Session 1:  Beach

This dance had everything except the crash of the waves on the North Shore.


Session 2:  Barn 

It was a “…leg shufflin’,  big grinnin’, body spinnin’, rompin’ stompin’, pumpin’ jumpin’, slidin’ glidin’, here we go” kinda dance.


Session 3:  Pirate

Avast! Even land-lubbers had a good time at this dance.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 1.39.07 PM

Session 4:  Space

The only place you can find a cooler dance than this is on the space station


Shaver Water Sports August & Mini Camp:  Sports

Everyone was a winner at this all-star event