Whadda Day! June 25, 2019

Cabin 17 hosts Whadda Day with Sunshine, Chelster, & Bravo. They talk about filling buckets, dancing, what’s happening today, what we’re eating, and even share today’s joke of the day! Andrew talks about celebrating his 8th birthday yesterday at GAC.

Whadda Day! June 24, 2019

Cabin 7 joins Whadda Day for the first day of Session 1!

Whadda Day! June 23, 2019

It’s arrival day for Session 1! Who’s excited?! Some of our JC’s (Junior Counselors) join us on today’s Whadda Day!

Whadda Day! June 22, 2019

Specialty campers Hudson, Wyatt and Ronan join today’s Whadda Day! We’re all set for Session 1!

Whadda Day! June 21, 2019

Is that Joe America on the Whadda Day podcast?! You bet it is!

Whadda Day! June 20, 2019

Christine Carter, author of “Raising Happiness” and “The Sweet Spot”, sits down with Sunshine to talk about her books and how she got involved with Gold Arrow Camp!

Whadda Day! June 19, 2019

We sit down with Egg, one of our nurses here at GAC, and let you know what’s going on today at Gold Arrow Camp!

Whadda Day! June 18, 2019

Step inside the camp store, with TQOE on today’s Whadda Day!

Whadda Day! June 17, 2019

Our Shaver Specialty campers join the Whadda Day podcast as they head off to Shaver Island!

Whadda Day! June 16, 2019

It’s June 16, which means camp has officially started! Our Shaver Specialty campers arrived today and we’re ready for an incredible summer!