Activity Spotlight: Rocks & Ropes

By Camp Director, Alison “Bean” Moeschberger

“On belay.”
“Belay on.”
“Climb on.”

Although this exchange of commands between climber and belayer is simple, they represent the final gut-check before engaging in Rocks & Ropes activities, which are among the most fun and challenging activities at camp.


The Ropes Course gives campers the choice to complete the lower course with friends or the upper course independently. Both courses have difficult elements that require agility, balance, and concentration. There are also several other activities at the ropes course area that provide campers with additional climbing and adrenaline-inducing challenges. The Zipline and Big Swing give campers an opportunity to soar through the air, and the Vertical Playpen and Giant’s Ladder test campers’ climbing strength and teamwork.

Campers also enjoy Rock Climbing and climbing on the Wall, a wooden tower with climbing holds. Counselors help improve campers’ climbing technique and guide their hand and foot placement as they are climbing. The large granite formation we use for Rock Climbing has climbs set up that range in difficulty from very easy to expert level. Campers cheer each other on as they strategically inch up the rock faces.


Rocks & Ropes activities at camp are a fun and exciting way for campers to build their grit and practice teamwork. It takes a lot of physical strength and mental toughness to conquer these activities, and campers find new ways to challenge themselves each year.