Activity Spotlight: Riflery

TEM-C14-1148All of our activities at Gold Arrow Camp are designed to teach campers new skills and allow them to challenge themselves as they work to improve those skills through the years. Riflery marksmanship is a traditional camp activity that is consistently a favorite among campers and is one that most campers to do not have the opportunity to experience at home.

I-C17-9781The most important element of instructing Riflery at camp is teaching campers how to safely use a gun. Our instructors take time to ensure that campers will be safe and respectful of the guns at camp and will know how to exercise caution if they encounter a gun in a different environment. Campers learn to treat every gun as if it’s loaded and that a gun should only be pointed at something they intend to shoot. The instructors explain the mechanics of a gun and help campers learn the patience they need to control their breathing for accurate aiming.

Once campers have mastered shooting targets from a prone position by achieving high scores on several targets, they can begin shooting from different positions, including kneeling and standing. These added challenges help campers have new goals to accomplish and add to the fun of the activity.

Riflery is unique among activities at camp because it exposes campers to a different type of activity. Many of our activities are water-based or adventure-based, but activities like Riflery allow campers to utilize a different skill set and often allow a different type of camper to shine.

Each activity at Gold Arrow Camp is important to the overall philosophy and camper experience, and Riflery is no exception. Campers have an opportunity to work on their perseverance and learn valuable safety information about guns, and it quickly becomes a favorite activity for many campers.TEM-C23-5049