A Tangible Paradise

Tangible ParadiseThere are many things at GAC that are glorious, wonderful, and amazing. As you stand on the water front as the sunset lights the water, the sight takes your breath away. The glistening water is like silk made of glass, resting in its depths are smooth brown rocks where the fish swim. At home we wander, but here we are lost. Away from civilization. In touch with the simple life and simple pleasures. GAC is a place where you can just be. Thank you parents for giving us a break. Maybe even taking us back to an earlier time where kids can just be kids. Where we can make strong bonds and look at the miracle that the heavens have put before us. I hope you understand while you’re sitting at home on the couch watching television that there is a tangible paradise here. Thanks for letting us take a vacation. Because sometimes we all just need to get lost.


Claire, Cabin 7