5 Things

One of our favorite games to play at camp, and one that helps us get to know each other better, is “Five Things.” This game is a lot of fun and would also be a great game to play with your family or friends at home. Here is a video demo of how to play Five Things (which we filmed at GAC’s staff holiday party):

As you can see, it’s a simple game:

1. The person who’s “it” calls out the name of a person and a category. For example, “Cappy!” “Favorite Camp Activities!”

2. Cappy then says one of her favorite activities, and the whole group yells, “1!” At her second activity, the group yells “2!” And this continues until she’s said 5 things.

3. Next, the whole group sings the “Five Things” chorus, which goes: “Five things, five things, five things, five things, FIVE THINGS!”

4. Cappy then picks another person in the group and a category, and the game continues until everyone in the circle has had a chance to list five things.

We hope you enjoy playing Five Things!